Outer is a music unit formed by I've. The unit debuted in 2000 with the song Synthetic Organism and it's formed KOTOKO (vocals), Kazuya Takase (guitar), Takeshi Ozaki (guitar), Naoki Itagaki (bass) and Tomoyuki Nakazawa (synthesizer). The compositions and arrangements are mainly in charge of Kazuya and Tomoyuki, with Takeshi also participating in some arranges.

Along with some adult game theme songs, they've also released an original single, a compilation mini-album and, in 2021, after a hiatus of 7 years, they're going to release their 1st major album, full of original songs.


Outer was solely active on I've Sound's label. It has been a mysterious unit for many years, but then it was revealed that the vocal is KOTOKO, as well as who are the band members. It was active irregularly, specially after KOTOKO's graduation from I've 2011, when Masami Okui was welcomed to be a guest vocalist for a live performance. On December 2012, Outer suspended their activities. However, 7 years later, they... RESTART >>

NBCUniversal era

In April 2021, it was announced that Outer activities would restart. More than that, Outer is now affiliated to a major label, NBCUniversal, the one that released many of I've greatest hits. With that surprise, came also the announcement of Outer's 1st full album Rebellious Easter.