C.G mix (real name: Shinji Hatakeyama / 畠山慎司, born January 11) is a japanese singer-songwriter from Sapporo, Hokkaido. In 2021, he completes 20 years as an I've Sound member, thus becoming the sound creator with the longest career in the group, second only to Kazuya Takase, founder of I've Sound.

pre-IVE era

He started music activities in 1995 with the release of his 1st single LUNAR DANCE, later signing to FUCTORY Records and meeting the future I've-founder, Kazuya Takase.

Prior to I've, C.G mix was also active in the eurodance scenario under the alias "H.G mix" and the unit "EURO KING".

IVE era

In 2001, C.G mix debuted as sound creator on I've Sound with the arrangement for SHIHO's Kiss the Future.

He's responsible for the production of several hits like Face of Fact, Sabaku no Yuki, 14 to 1 and more recently was in charge of producing the BGM for TV anime series "Girly Air Force".

Under NBCUniversal, former Geneon Universal Entertainment, he also released two original albums.​

While mainly focused on composition and arrangement, since 2018 he's been very active as singer and has released a series of new CDs, including a single, a 3rd album and a self-cover mini-album. For 2021, a remix mini-album called Club groove mix was released on July 15.




2018 ・ daybreak


2006 ・ in your life

2009 ・ pray

2019 ・ ADVANCE


2019 ・ the other side

2021 ・ Club groove mix

2022 ・ Club groove mix 2

202? ・ the other side 2 (postponed)


2002 ・ TRANCE MAGIC Vol. 02

2002 ・ TRANCE MAGIC Vol. 03

2007 ・ I've MANIA Tracks Vol. I

2009 ・ I've MANIA Tracks Vol. II

2009 ・ master groove circle 2

2012 ・ Visual Art's 20th Anniv. Remixes

2017 ・ ALIVE

2017 ・ I've C-VOX 2000-2014

2019 ・ I've groove DJ mix feat MOGRA

2021 ・ I've 20th Anniversary E-VOX



2019 ・ Girly Air Force OST Vol. 1