I've MANIA Tracks Vol. II

Release: 2009/12/29

Media Formats: CD

Publisher: Visual Art's


  1. Ha!!!ppiness

Performer: Outer
  1. The Maze

Performer: Mami Kawada
  1. prime -"thank you" and "from now"-

Performer: KOTOKO
  1. Fortress

Performer: Eiko Shimamiya
  1. our youthful days

Performer: MELL
  1. absurd

Performer: KOTOKO
  1. Konata Yori Kanata Made

Performer: MOMO
  1. YA・KU・SO・KU

Performer: KOTOKO
  1. CAVE

Performer: KOTOKO
  1. Suna no Kaze

Performer: MELL
  1. Fatally

Performer: KOTOKO
  1. Akikaze ni Kimi wo Omou

Performer: Healing Leaf
  1. ↑Seishun Rocket↑ -SHORT CIRCUIT II EDIT-

Performers: KOTOKO to Kaori Utatsuki
  1. under the darkness -Remix-

Performer: C.G mix

※ The songs with the mark has a shorter length than the original song due to editing.