I've MANIA Tracks Vol. I

Release: 2007/12/29

Media Formats: CD

Publisher: Visual Art's


  1. Synthetic Organism

Performer: Outer
  1. DROWNING -Ghetto blaster style-

Performer: MOMO
  1. HALLUCINO -Remix-

Performer: KOTOKO
  1. Treating 2U

Performer: Inosuke Tsutsumi
  1. Time heals all sorrows

Performer: KOTOKO
  1. Lythrum

Performer: Mami Kawada
  1. L.A.M -laze and meditation- -2001 P.V Long Arrange Mix-

Performer: Outer
  1. sensitive2001

Performer: Eiko Shimamiya
  1. Crossed Destiny

Performer: KOTOKO
  1. philosophy -Prototype Mix-

Performer: KOTOKO
  1. Leave me hell alone

Performer: Outer
  1. Welcome to HEAVEN! -Remix-

Performer: C.G mix
  1. See You ~Chiisana Eien~ -P.V ver.-

Performer: I've Special Unit