IKU (born January 22), is a japanese singer-songwriter from Sapporo, Hokkaido, now based on Tokyo, Honshu. At the age of five, IKU started to play electronic organ and for six years, from elementary to high school, she played in the brass band club and was in charge of various instruments.

Since 2006, IKU has been playing live her own songs as well as cover songs on piano.

IVE 1st era

During 2008-2011, she was signed at Geneon Universal Entertainment and performed a few anime theme songs in collaboration with I've Sound. At that time, she worked with I've as a guest vocalist.

In 2007, former I've singer Eiko Shimamiya happened to watch her live and was impressed by her singing ability and voice quality, later introducing her to Kazuya Takase, then making her major debut in 2008 with the single Oto no Nai Yozora ni / Ko no Me Kaze.

BOG/Bandalucia era

From 2011 to early 2019, she was also very active in music production with the group Barbarian On The Groove (BOG) and its derivate Bandalucia, releasing with them her 2nd album ROBE and also participating in several compilations as guest vocalist.

Since late 2019, BOG/Bandalucia haven't released new works. Then, in 2020, a statement of concern about their physical condition (uncertain if by ongoing poor health or because coronavirus pandemic) was communicated on their twitter, thus going on a hiatus the partnership between IKU and BOG/Bandalucia.

IVE 2nd era

On March 15, 2015, IKU performed at the live event "IVE RADICAL ENSEMBLE OF 15th ANNIVERSARY", held at Tokyo Dome City Hall to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of I've Sound. At the event, she covered MELL's KILL and Red fraction songs, showing her power vocals as well as her never-seen "dark side".

In 2017, she performed the title song for the I've Girls Compilation Vol. 10, ALIVE, a song that speaks with fans and musicians, in a delicated moment when I've had long-term members graduating, while still being active and with new members from singing to sound creation activities joining the group.

On April 6, 2018, for the first time in seven years since ROBE, she released her 3rd album Terminal, this time, fully produced by I've.




2008 ・ Oto no Nai Yozora ni/Ko no Me Kaze

2008 ・ Rimless

2009 ・ Chikaigoto

2016 ・ Kimi no Namae

2020 ・ Hoshifuru Yoru ni


2009 ・ Your Wear

2018 ・ Terminal


2013 ・ Toaru Majutsu no TV Songs

2015 ・ The Time ~12 Colors~

2016 ・ I've×Key Collaboration Album

2017 ・ ALIVE

2017 ・ I've C-VOX 2000-2014

2018 ・ F-ive elements

2019 ・ F-ive elements -hexa communion-

2020 ・ restoration

2021 ・ I've 20th Anniversary E-VOX



2019 ・ Key BOX -for two decades-

2019NANOHA Character Song Box

as I've Special Unit

2015 ・ See You ~Chiisana Eien~


2018 ・ daybreak

2020 ・ SHIFT (20th Anniversary ver.)



2009 ・ Your Wear

2011 ・ ROBE


2011 ・ Barbarossa

2011 ・ apriori

2012 ・ Moonlit Phantom

2013 ・ Recomp!

2013 ・ Mithrandir

2014 ・ Daybreak

2014 ・ 1:1.618

2015 ・ 7th Dimension

2015 ・ Astral Ending

2015 ・ 0 [zero]

2016 ・ Tribalismo

2016 ・ Farewell My Love

2017 ・ Hello My Dear

2017 ・ ...Look Up and Wonder

2018 ・ Aresto Momentum

2018 ・ A Grief Parade

2019 ・ Hotel Musik: Reimagined


unreleased solo works

Anemone (アネモネ)

Gift (ギフト)

Heya no Katadzuke (部屋のかたづけ)

Kuroneko (黒猫)

Yoake Mae (夜明け前)