MAKO (born February, 20) is a japanese singer-songwriter from Sapporo, Hokkaido.

She passed the I've audition when she was in high school, back in 2000, later being featured on the I've Girl's Compilation Vol. 2: verge and the remix albums C-LICK and Mixed Up.

She put her singing activities on hiatus as she went on to college, resuming it in 2011, when she returned for the TRIBAL LINK releases.

In 2012, she performed LEVEL OCTAVE, the lead song of I've Girl's Compilation Vol. 8 and, on the same, released her 1st mini-album, snow flake.

Her 2nd mini-album, THIS IS HOW, released in 2013, featured all original songs written by herself.

She made her last appearance on I've Radical Ensemble of 15th Anniversary, later moving overseas after her marriage and wenting on hiatus again.

While MAKO was never formally affiliated to I've, on the end roll credits of the I've 15th Anniversary live, she is mentioned on the "I've Artists" list, instead of the guest artists list. Also, her entire discography is solely produced by I've and it's the only one to be so.