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by ERIK on 2022/11/05

Honestly, I can't believe it took me one year, ONE. YEAR. to write my second review. (Today is also the 2nd anniversary of the site, yay!)

I hadn't the intention for it to take so long, but, this year was a total chaos. Anyway, I got very motivated by my friend JN, who not only encouraged me for this review, but also gave me TELOMERE as a gift! JNさん, thank you so much for your kindness, you are the very true essence of an I've fan!

And to any other fan who would like to write a review for any of the I've releases, please, feel free to contact me at, it will be my pleasure to publish here reviews from other I've fans too!

Now, to the review! And this time, sponsored by JNさん! 😎​

This is NAMI's 1st mini-album, released for the general public on 2022/10/21. It contains 7 original tracks, being five instrumentals and two with NAMI on vocals. A remarkably release that reveals an improvement from the predecessor AURORA and reserves some great surprises. It's now available for purchase on I've Official Shop. Hurry up and pick yours before it's sold out! And below, check it out the tracklist:

  1. IQO-9

Composer & Arranger: NAMI

A psytrance song with certain F-ive elements aspirations. The mix of characteristics sounds and samples previously used highlights NAMI's signature as sound creator, pointing a shape and style that can be handled in endless forms. Also, the presence of NAMI's backing vocals are a "must listen" and well thought artistic decision, as it's pleasant and previews the vocal version, teasing the listener for the sixth track.

2. Vertigo

Composer & Arranger: NAMI

A mysterious sound that kind of resembles the acclaimed I've x Eiko Shimamiya song verge. There's a piano standout at the middle of the song, causing a turnaround, which provoked in my head a glimpse of the universe's magnitude and, after all, that's what Vertigo now reminds me, the whirling motion of all heavenly bodies of the universe, each carrying its own undulation mysteries...

3. Kyuuten (九天)

Composer & Arranger: NAMI

A song with dance elements and upbeat, while keeping an enchanting vibe. In some parts, it also reminded me of the great Volta Masters, with the mix of jazz, electronic, beat, piano and sax sounds. My favorite from the five instrumental tracks.

4. Decussate=X

Composer & Arranger: NAMI

Speaking of F-ive elements again, this is another psytrance song with that vibe, even more than IQO-9 in my opinion. Also, if that series ever gets a continuation (and I would love a 4th volume!), this song definitely could fit in. The use of vocal sample like in IVE's old school style is the song's highlight and probably one of the coolest ever used.


Composer & Arranger: NAMI

The smooth beat and rhythm creates an atmospheric sound that grows emotional in time. This is its own song, in its own way, totally apart from the vocal version. Considering the emotional charge, it also seems perfect to figure as background music for key/battle scenes.

6. IQO-9 (on vocal)

Lyricist, Composer & Arranger: NAMI

My favorite track from this mini-album. If it's not surprise enough to get NAMI singing sometimes, now we got her singing in japanese, the first original recording in her native language after 8 years, since Larval Stage Planning's last trio song Hanabira to Ribbon and after 10 years, since her last solo song as Nami Maisaki, My Love, Honey. Great melody and vocals were added here, making it a whole different and original song and, interestingly, even distancing a bit from the F-ive elements energy that the instrumental version has.

7. TELOMERE (on vocal)

Lyricist, Composer & Arranger: NAMI

The melody created for the vocal version of this song only reinforces its instrumentals. Also, the quality and strongness of NAMI vocals are so noticeable that makes TELOMERE resurface from an atmospheric sound to a powerful one.


I can't express enough the happiness of hearing NAMI singing more and more. As my favorite vocalist from the LSP era, with the trio graduation back in 2014 and her ascension to the status of sound creator, the gradually comeback to singing activies is a delightful and grateful surprise.

But, after all, TELOMERE isn't only about NAMI vocals, it's about the artist behind every single track. Be a singer, a lyricist, a composer, an arranger or a DJ, it all is about an artist that we, I've fans, follow her story and trajectory for 12 years. An artist who is complete, as another I've fan have already stated for the five instrumental tracks: completeness. On their own. But completion doesn't mean stagnation and NAMI proves that with her musical evolution on every release, sound and artist she produces, never degradating.

From Rolling Star☆彡 to piece of my heart to eclipse -Begin Forwarded Message mix- to transition to awake from the deep to TELOMERE, and beyond. Now to NAMI's next and 1st full album!! ​​😆🚀​