Artist: Luce Twinkle Wink☆

Publisher: NBCUniversal

Release: 2022/03/09

Media Formats: CD / Digital

Limited / Regular Edition A:

  1. "FA"NTASY to!

  2. Meikyuu Catharsis

  3. "FA"NTASY to! (instrumental)

  4. Meikyuu Catharsis (instrumental)

Meikyuu Catharsis is produced by I've Sound, with RINA in charge of lyrics and Kazuya Takase in charge of composition/arrangement.

Regular Edition B:

  1. "FA"NTASY to!

  2. Fuyu, Shiyo? ♡

  3. "FA"NTASY to! (instrumental)

  4. Fuyu, Shiyo? ♡ (instrumental)

Fuyu, Shiyo? ♡ is produced by former I've Sound artists: Mami Kawada, in charge of lyrics and Tomoyuki Nakazawa, in charge of composition/arrangement.

Limited Edition DVD Tracklist:

  1. "FA"NTASY to! MV

  2. "FA"NTASY to! MV(Dance ver.) 

  3. "FA"NTASY to! MV Making

  4. SPOT